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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Treatment Programs and Services

The clinical programs at Oak Plains Academy address the needs of children and adolescents with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. Residents who have been dually diagnosed and require substance abuse treatment will receive services by our licensed drug and alcohol counselor(s).

A specialized psychoeducational curriculum is also available to address the needs of children and adolescents with anger management issues. Each resident receives an individualized treatment plan, geared to meet their personal needs.

A professional team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists, nurses and teachers work closely with each resident to assist them to achieve their therapeutic and educational goals.

Therapy Services offered:

Individual Therapy:
Each resident participates in at least one individual therapy session per week with their master’s-level therapist. Therapists utilize a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches dependent upon the resident’s individualized treatment plan to help identify triggers for acting out behaviors.

Family Therapy:
The important role of family is at the core of our therapeutic approach. Family therapy sessions are conducted weekly by the primary therapist either face to face or telephonically. Family therapy sessions focus on creating opportunities for families to make healthy changes in their relationships to restore the family unit. As well, a focus on awareness regarding the issues that led to placement at Oak Plains Academy and opportunities to enhance communication skills is presented.

Group Therapy:
Group therapy at Oak Plains Academy is conducted by master’s-level therapists at a minimum of five days each week, at regularly-scheduled times.

Therapeutic groups provide residents with the opportunity to explore their feelings, receive and give feedback and learn to communicate with others more effectively as they discuss their treatment-related concerns.

Milieu Therapy Groups:
Milieu Therapy Groups are conducted daily by a variety of trained personnel utilizing a multidisciplinary format, including, but not limited to:

  • Nursing groups – focusing on hygiene, medications and personal health
  • Recreational groups – focusing on team building, communication, self-esteem and positive peer relationships
  • Life Skills groups – focusing on building the resident’s ability to learn basic daily living skills such as laundry, housekeeping and career building
  • Coping strategies – meditation and yoga.

A New Day for Your Child

Oak Plains Academy provides therapeutic behavioral health services to children and adolescents, ages 7–14. If your child is facing challenges living with a psychiatric illness or an autism spectrum disorder, we may be able to help. Call 931-362-4723 today for a confidential, no-cost assessment.