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Children and Adolescents

Children and Adolescents

Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Oak Plains Academy specializes in providing quality behavioral health services to children and adolescents ages 5–17.

Neurobehavioral Inpatient Treatment

The Neurobehavioral Program serves youth ages 5 to 17 years old with an IQ of 50 or greater who experience neurodevelopmental disorders including fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, autism spectrum disorders and intellectual developmental disabilities.

Therapeutic Foster Care

We are currently seeking therapeutic foster care parents. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can change the life of a child, contact us at 931-362-4723. Oak Plains Academy’s therapeutic foster care program is designed to serve children and youth with special psychological, social and emotional needs who can accept and respond to the close relationships within a family setting, but whose special needs require more intensive or therapeutic services than are found in traditional foster care.

A New Day for Your Child

Oak Plains Academy provides therapeutic behavioral health services to children and adolescents, ages 7–17. If your child is facing challenges living with a psychiatric illness or an autism spectrum disorder, we may be able to help. Call 931-362-4723 today for a confidential, no-cost assessment.